500ml glass jars

500ml glass jars 

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Whilst it is fairly traditional to use a standard 1lb jar to make jams and marmalades, there is no hard and fast rule to say that you must stick to this when it comes to choosing the jars for your next preserving project. Unless you are planning to enter your jams, pickles and chutneys in some local competitions, where a 1lb jar is specifically required, you can use whatever jar you fancy, Big is sometimes best and a larger jar may just work better for a specific preserve. In today’s blog post, we check out our 500ml glass jars with lids and give some suggestions for when these bigger jars might be the best choice.

Choosing larger glass jars

Jams and preserves that take a while to use up, or that need to be eaten quite quickly, are better off in a small jar, of course. Lemon curd does not keep for a long time, for example, as it has raw egg as an ingredient; however, for jams or chutneys that are especially popular, using a larger jar makes a lot of sense. There is less mess and fuss when it comes to filling the jars, and fewer but larger jars will take up less space in the cupboard than a lot of smaller jars. If you plan to give some of your preserves away as gifts to friends and family, bigger jars will always have a bigger impact.

Our 500ml deluxe glass jars with lids are one of the most popular items in our range. Their contemporary styling and heavyweight glass make them ideal for the modern home preserves enthusiast who is looking for a reliable and durable jar to suit all kinds of preserving tasks. These jars are great for family favourites such strawberry jam, and work well for savoury preserves such as plum chutney or pickled onions.

Glass jars for craft projects

In addition to being perfect for many home preserving projects, our 500ml jars are ideal for a wide range of craft projects and home decoration ideas. Use them as a vase for a pretty posy of flowers picked from the garden, or perhaps use them to store homemade bath salts or a body scrub. Another idea we love is to make tiny sewing kits to give as gifts, with needles, thread, buttons, tiny scissors and a pincushion all stored neatly in one of these jars.

Whatever project you are considering, whether home preserving or a craft-based activity, take a look at our 500ml jars to see whether they could be the right choice for you.

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