The best kitchen accessories from Wares of Knutsford

Kitchen accessoriesThe best kitchen accessories from Wares of Knutsford

If your kitchen is your playground, shopping for new kitchen accessories and gadgets can often be the adult version of heading to the sweetshop with your pocket money! Wares of Knutsford shares the passion for all things kitchen-related, stocking a wide variety of accessories for the kitchen to satisfy the keenest of cooks. Let’s walk through a few of our favourite kitchen gadgets and implements.

Kitchen accessories: our pick

No self-respecting cook would be without a good apron, and the traditional blue butcher’s striped apron is a firm favourite with our customers. Well-made and durable, it has adjustable halters to suit any size and is positively guaranteed to make you feel every inch the professional cook! We also stock matching double oven gloves, which have a long fold-out length to ensure the safe handling of hot pots and pans at all times.

No cooking enthusiast or foodie can resist a good kitchen gadget, which is why our table tools are so popular. If you have gone to the trouble of preparing a special meal, such as a fancy seafood dish, it is only fitting that you use the right tools to serve it or to eat it. Crab and lobster crackers make light work of seafood shells and make for a relaxed and informal dinner party. Oysters and champagne are the ultimate when it comes to a sophisticated celebration meal, so make sure you can handle those oysters with a Masterclass oyster knife. It is amazing how many people are a little squeamish about fish bones; however, the joys of fresh fish suppers can be yours with no fuss or bother with the fish bone remover.

With the nation glued to their televisions for the new series of The Great British Bake Off, we know lots of our customers are being inspired to do some baking of their own. Our umbrella-style food covers are perfect for ensuring that wasps and other flying nasties don’t land on your lovely cakes and baked goods. Gone are the days when food covers were plain and boring – we stock pretty rose-embroidered food covers and polka dot covers in both pink and pistachio.

Giving kitchen accessories as gifts

If you have friends or relatives who also love to cook, accessories for the kitchen can make great gifts. From stylish oil and vinegar dispensers to practical tools such as digital thermometers, giving something for the kitchen is guaranteed to be a hit with any keen cook.

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