1lb Jam Jars for Sale

1lb Jam Jars for Sale

Whether you are new to jam making or a seasoned pro with many years of home preserving under your belt, having a good supply of quality jam jars is essential. The opportunities for making jam often present themselves rather unexpectedly, meaning that keeping jam jars in stock and ready is always a good idea. Whether windfall apples, hedgerow apples or a gift of strawberries from a gardening neighbour, n

Jars of jam and basket with cherry on background.

one of these ‘free gifts’ will go to waste if you are prepared for preserving – all can be turned into delicious jam.

Standard 1lb jam jars

The most commonly-used of all jam jar shapes and styles is the much-loved classic 1lb jar. This traditional jam jar is perfect for all sorts of jams, pickles and preserves; in addition, it is the perfect size for the kitchen table or indeed to give away as a homemade gift. We have a wide variety of 1lb jars for sale here at Wares, with the standard straight-sided 1lb glass jar one of the most popular.

These jars are known as standard jam jars for two reasons. Firstly, the 1lb size means it is incredibly easy to calculate how many jars will be needed if you are using imperial measurements in your recipe. Secondly, if you are feeling adventurous and ready to enter your jams or preserves into any kind of competition at a country show or village fete, the 1lb jar is the regulation size required by the judges. If you plan on taking the time and effort to submit your jam to outside scrutiny at a show, the very last thing you want is to be disqualified on the grounds of using the wrong jar!

Having perused the 1lb jam jars for sale in our online store and made your choice, it is time to think about what to put in them. Blackberry and apple jam is spot on at this time of year, as both fruits are freely available. On the savoury side, why not have a go at some homemade chutney if you are looking for ways to use up all the remaining tomatoes, onions, celery or cabbage from your vegetable patch? Again, a 1lb jar is the perfect size. If you have a plum tree in your garden, you may be harvesting plums right through into October and a batch of delicious spiced plum jam with cinnamon could be just the thing to use up those last fruits.

Simple is often best and we think our 1lb jars are no exception!

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