Fabulous food jars

Fabulous food jars 

Cucumber, quinoa, tomato, onion, carrot and mint salad in a jar on rustic wooden table

It is often the little things in life that make a big difference to how something turns out. Some colourful cake cases can make your cupcakes look extra special, for example, while a pretty vase will take a humble bunch of daffodils from the garden and turn them into a gorgeous floral display that oozes sunshine and sophistication. It is the same with home preserves – a standard jam jar will do the job required of it perfectly well; however, a premium jar will look and feel so much better, setting off your jams and chutneys perfectly. In today’s post, we take a look at the Deluxe and Bonta ranges of glass food jars to show just how versatile and elegant they are.

Our range of deluxe food jars

Jar for jar, our deluxe glass food jars do not cost a great deal more than our standard range; however, they have more style and sophistication. Their straight sides and heavyweight glass make them feel solid and reliable when held in your hand and you can tell that these jars will give many years of loyal service, alongside your trusty maslin pan.

Like our other jam jars, lids for the Deluxe range are generally available in a choice of seven colours: gold, silver, black, white, green, red gingham check and blue gingham check. Sizes range from 125ml jars up to 500ml in size. All lids are vinegar-proof, so you can use them for chutneys, pickled eggs or onions, or any other vinegar-based preserve in addition to jam. Whether you are an artisan producer or a keen amateur, these jars will stand you in good stead and display your preserves perfectly.

Bonta food jars

Looking quite similar in shape and style to our Deluxe range of jars, Bonta jars are also hugely popular, especially with cooks who want something of a vintage look. Again, these jars feature super-straight sides, but the Bonta jars have a slightly deeper, lower rim just below the lid. The jars range in size from the tiny 125ml jars, which are perfect for curds or even miniature cakes or puddings, to the chunky 435ml jars, which will set off a good old-fashioned jar of jam – such as strawberry or raspberry – to a tee. There are two 212ml-sized jars in slightly different shapes: one follows the regular shape of the Bonta jars, while the other is slightly shorter and features a deep screw lid.

Take a look at the Deluxe and Bonta ranges. If you are serious about preserves, these are the jars for you!

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Wedding Favours

DIY wedding favours


Three small jars of marmalade or jam on wooden table. Toned image

Wedding Favours – Mini Jam Jars

It is no secret that weddings can cost a small fortune. Even small details seem to cost an exorbitant amount, and costs soon start to mount up to eye-watering levels. One solution to help keep things manageable is to take a DIY approach wherever you can. Not many brides would be able to create their own wedding dress or bake their own three-tier wedding cake, of course, but there are smaller elements to the day that can be tackled by anyone. Wedding favours are one such item, and these can be more appealing and personal when they are homemade rather than shop-bought. In today’s post, we showcase a few of our jars and bottles that are perfect for use in DIY favours and offer a few suggestions on what to fill them with.

 Food and drink wedding favours

 Gone are the days when favours amounted to a pouch of sugared almonds for each guest. Wedding couples these days want to express their unique personalities in their choice of favours and give a gift that shows they have put thought and care into finding just the right thing to say thank you to their guests. Wedding jars filled with homemade creations are extremely popular, and couples are getting more and more inventive when it comes to what to fill those jars with. From homemade jams and jellies using foraged and hedgerow fruits to cute and colourful macaroons, it is easy to come up with something that stands out from the crowd and impresses your guests. The great thing about this approach is that it reduces the cost dramatically when compared with buying ready-made favours.

 Our Gladstone bottles with corks are also hugely popular for favours. Couples are creating their own homemade drinks, such as infused gins and vodkas, and decanting them into these miniature Gladstone bottles for a really charming favour.

 Non-food wedding favours

 Wedding jars do not have to be filled with something edible, of course. One of our favourite wedding favour ideas is to fill small jars with wild flower seeds. On the label, ask your wedding guests to scatter the seeds in a favourite spot to create a beautiful and lasting reminder of your wedding day. Other couples have chosen to give small herb plants potted in tiny jars for guests to plant at home. Rosemary and thyme are great choices for this idea, as they smell so heavenly and won’t wilt on the big day. Our 105ml jam jars are perfect for this option.


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Jam Jar Labels Galore

Wellies label on jarJam jar labels galore

 When it comes to home preserves, you can rustle up the most amazing flavours and create the most perfectly set jams and jellies; however, if your labelling is not up to scratch, the product will not look appealing and you will be reluctant to give your preserves away as gifts or place them on the breakfast table. You don’t need to resort to a plain white printer label, as we offer a huge range of decorative labels perfect for showing off your jams, jellies and marmalades.

 Unique jam jar labels

 We are delighted to offer labels featuring the gorgeous, colourful designs of mother and daughter watercolour artists Rosemary and Caroline Wagstaff through their company Words of Art. These labels typically feature a vibrant fruit design around a central white panel, in which you can write the details of the preserve you are labelling. From rich, juicy blackberries to bright, sunshine-filled oranges, the range includes all sorts of fresh and appetising fruits. Raspberries, cherries, gooseberries, lemons and limes, plums and strawberries – all these are featured on these delightful labels, and more besides.

 If you are also a chutney maker, you are also in luck. The range includes vegetable designs that are suitable for labelling jars of chutney or piccalilli, and even pickled onions.

 If you would prefer a label design that is a little more contemporary, we have plenty from which to choose, with labels featuring gingham checks, spots, pinstripe borders, and even funky union jack designs.

 One of our quirkier labels for jam jars features a colourful royal crown in the bottom right corner. If you consider yourself to be the queen (or king!) of home preserving, what better way to label your creations?

 We don’t just offer labels for jam – our range also includes labels suitable for honey, curds, oils, and all manner of pickles.

 Could you design jam jar labels?

 Our jam jar labels are so popular that we would like to extend our range and have decided to hunt out some inspiring artists and designers to help us to come up with our own unique Wares of Knutsford range of labels. We are really excited about this project and can’t wait to see what designs our artists come up with. If you think you could design some amazing labels for us, please get in touch to discuss this further. You never know, you may well find yourself labelling your own homemade jams with labels featuring your very own artwork – that really would be something to be proud of!


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Baking Equipment at Wares of Knutsford

Baking Equipment at Wares of Knutsford

 It is pretty much impossible not to notice how popular home baking has become in recent years. From the rise of the humble cupcake to the unstoppable Mary Berry and similar celebrity cooks, baking has become the nation’s favourite pastime. Whether you like creating simple flapjacks or muffins or prefer to challenge yourself with exotic quiches and elaborate cakes, such as the famous croquembouche that has challenged so many competitors on The Great British Bake Off, baking is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby that can be taken up by anyone, with minimal equipment needed and no formal training necessary.

 Extending our range of baking equipment

 Regular Wares customers will be delighted to hear that we are planning a major expansion of our baking tools and equipment this year. Whilst we already offer a comprehensive range of mixing bowls, pie dishes, cake tins and assorted baking tools, expect to see this range develop significantly. Whilst we can’t reveal too many details at this stage, we are confident that you will be delighted to see some big brand names and some really useful and clever gadgets to make your baking endeavours easier and more exciting.

 Lots more baking equipment

Cookware next to brown eggs on black background. Horizontal shoot.

 One of the areas we plan to expand is our cake decorating range of equipment and accessories. If you love to ice your baking creations and enjoy piping intricate decorations, you will be pleased to hear that this range will soon be much bigger and more comprehensive. With so many tools and accessories available on one website, you will be spoilt for choice and the world will really be your oyster – in terms of cake baking, anyway!

 For us, it seems like a natural move to expand our baking range, as preserving and baking go together so well. Many of our home preserving customers tell us how much they also enjoy baking, so we hope our decision to increase our baking range will inspire and delight you.

 If you are keen on home preserving but have not yet been bitten by the baking bug, why not give it a try? After all, if you are wondering what to do with all the jam you have made, baking might be the answer! Why not bake a traditional Victoria sandwich, or perhaps some jam tarts? Bakewell tarts also contain jam, and mince pies made with homemade mincemeat are simply divine. Once you start to hunt them out, you will find plenty of baking recipes to make use of your jams and preserves.

 Check back soon for more details of our expanded baking range.


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Buying glass jars wholesale

Buying glass jars wholesale 

"Menton, France - February 25th, 2012: Various types of homemade jam for sale on a market stall"

Whether you are a large commercial enterprise making a huge range of jams, pickles and preserves or a small, artisan producer selling your homemade produce at farmers’ markets, local delis and independent food stores, a reliable source of wholesale glass jars is essential. With jams and preserves being seasonal in nature, the last thing you need is to be let down by your jam jar supplier at the last minute. This is why so many producers rely on Wares of Knutsford for all their preserving and pickling jars and bottles. In today’s post, we walk you through our wholesale terms and conditions and explain how our wholesale operation works.

Glass jars wholesale terms

All our glass jars and bottles are available on wholesale terms to approved trade customers and individuals. A minimum spend of £450 is required, excluding VAT and delivery.

Orders are delivered on pallets, and customers are free to order mixed pallets of different jars and bottles provided each item is ordered in a box quantity. Box quantities, which can be as little as six units, are necessary to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your order.

To receive a copy of our wholesale price list, all you need to do is get in touch with us by phone or email. Wholesale customers typically save around 30 per cent on our standard retail prices.

Glass jars wholesale delivery

Once you have sent in your order, we will supply a pro-forma invoice. We require full payment before orders are despatched and delivery will normally be within seven days once payment has been received.

Delivery is by courier and all orders are despatched on a securely-packed pallet. Delivery costs £60 per pallet. We have been despatching wholesale glass jars to customers for many years and we have perfected the art of packaging our goods securely and robustly to ensure they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

If you need a large quantity of jars or bottles but are not ready to commit to a wholesale order, why not check out our bargain packs? We have put together some incredible deals on larger quantities of some of our most popular shapes and sizes of jars and bottles. These bargain packs typically contain 192 units of a specific jar or bottle and offer a simple way to save on larger orders without having to meet our minimum spend requirement for wholesale orders.

If you have any questions or you would like more information about wholesale ordering, please get in touch by phone or email.

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Plastic jars for storing

Plastic jars for storing  

Glass jar containing various colored thread on yellow background

Does clutter seem to multiply all by itself in your house? Do all manner of odds and ends somehow find their way onto every conceivable shelf or surface? Does it take forever to find what you are looking for? If this sounds like you, you need a storage makeover. It is time to banish the clutter and sort everything into a well-organised system to give you a clean and tidy house and an easy, no-fuss means of finding everything whenever you need it.

Plastic jars in the kitchen and utility room

As the central room in the house, where the family spends the most time, the kitchen tends to attract more than its fair share of clutter and chaos. From storing biscuits and cookies to organising your herbs and spices, plastic jars with lids are the answer. Particularly with herbs and spices, it is tempting just to buy a couple of jars to see how the new system goes; however, doing this means you don’t see the full benefit of getting really organised. It is far better to bite the bullet and work out exactly how many jars you need, add a few extra for spares, and get the whole switch to the new jars done in one go – you will be delighted once you see the result. You can also use larger jars to tidy up bags of pasta, rice and flour, and dried fruits such as raisins and sultanas.

Moving into the utility room, plastic jars with lids can be a great way to store dried pet foods, for example. They are airtight and will keep Fido’s biscuits fresh; in addition, they will prevent any unauthorised raids on the pet food supplies! Look around your utility room and see whether there are any other obvious candidates for clutter-busting, then check out our range of jars to see which are most suitable for the clutter you need to bust.

Plastic jars in the shed or garage

Sheds and garages are another clutter hotspot and seem to fill up almost overnight with a bewildering array of ‘stuff’. For the most part, the shed or garage is out of sight; therefore, things can easily reach something of a crisis point before action becomes unavoidable. Again, look around the space, sort the clutter into related groups and identify the right jars to tidy everything away; for example, open packs of seeds can be stored together in plastic jars with lids to keep them fresh. Sort nuts, bolts and screws into similar sets, then store in different jars. Keep going until everything is tidy!

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Cosmetic jar recipes

Cosmetic jar recipes 

fresh as spring flowers

It is fair to say that awareness of the ingredients and additives in the food we buy has increased in recent years. Many of us try to cut down on the amount of processed food that finds its way into our shopping baskets, and we pay a lot more attention to the small print on the back of food packaging so that we are aware of all the additives, sweeteners and ‘flavour enhancers’ present in what we eat. This is a great thing to be doing, but sadly far fewer of us give the same level of attention to the cosmetics we use, although the list of ingredients in these can be just as concerning.

If contents such as dimethicone, magnesium nitrate, disodium EDTA and methylisothiazolinone sound a little too ‘chemical’ and alarming, perhaps it is time to turn to more natural ingredients and make your own cosmetics and bathroom products. In today’s article, we look at a couple of recipes for homemade cosmetics and showcase a few items from our range of cosmetic jars.

Recipes for cosmetic jars

Our eyes, and our eyesight, are so precious to us, yet we routinely apply commercial makeup to them with very little thought as to what is in this makeup. Why not have a go at making your own eye makeup instead, starting with a simple homemade eyeliner? Mix shea butter and coconut oil in equal parts and add half a teaspoon of activated charcoal for a rich, dark eyeliner with no artificial or chemical additives. A 15ml jar would be ideal for this project.

Another simple item to make at home is a coconut hair cream. If you have dull, dry hair, you can give it an amazing shine and all-round deep nourishing with this cream. Mix two parts coconut oil with one part olive oil, then add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Blend the mixture in an electric blender until it resembles whipped cream, decant into a jar and use regularly. After just a few applications, you will really start to see a difference!

Our range of cosmetic jars

We sell a wide range of cosmetic jars in both clear and amber glass. Our clear cosmetic jars are suitable for products where you need to see the colour of the contents; for example, makeup items such as blusher or eyeliner. The amber jars are more suitable for treatments such as foot scrubs, hand creams and lip salves. From tiny 15ml clear cosmetic jars up to large 500ml jars in both clear and amber glass, we have the perfect jar for every cosmetic preparation.

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Miniature Bottles – recipes and ideas

Miniature Bottles – recipes and ideas 

Alcohol cocktails, shots in glass bottles. Row of many alcohol tasty shots with straws in small bottles. Creative cocktails. Unusual alcohol in bar, many, plenty of drinks for party., catering, event

When it comes to wedding preparations, it can be almost as hard to choose your wedding favours as it is to choose the venue for your big day or even your wedding dress. In today’s post, we look at ideas for using miniature whisky bottles and other miniatures to create unique and personal favours that will be very well received on your wedding day.

Miniature bottles of whisky

For a decadent and oh-so-grown-up wedding day treat, an individual shot-size bottle of whisky for each guest will make a fabulous favour and one that is sure to be appreciated. Whether you choose to fill your bottles with the finest single malts from the best-known distilleries, such as Talisker, Jura or Aberlour, or you go for a blended whisky and make it your own by infusing herbs, spices or other ingredients, miniature whisky bottles are a popular choice throughout the UK – especially when either the bride or groom comes from Scotland.

Whilst the purists will say that whisky can only be properly appreciated neat and unadulterated, for some the taste is just a little too boisterous when served in this way. For something a little quirkier, why not try a whisky-based infusion? We think a whisky infused with honey, ginger, vanilla and brown sugar sounds divine, and we are confident that we are not the only ones. For something truly unusual, go for a whisky sour recipe, adding lime, star anise, honey and hot jalapeno peppers to your whisky. This recipe is guaranteed to have a kick to it, so be sure to taste it well in advance of your wedding day to make sure it is lively without being too powerful.

A wide variety of miniature bottles

Whisky may not be to everyone’s tastes, of course, and you may wish to offer some non-alcoholic favours to your younger guests or any non-drinkers amongst your wedding party. We have a huge range of miniature glass bottles available to suit all kinds of drinks. Our heart-shaped mini swing top bottles are very romantic and perfect for weddings. Fill them with a homemade cordial or the freshest apple juice for a thirst-quenching treat instead of alcohol.

Other miniatures we stock include mini wine bottles, mini flask bottles, and a whole host of uniquely shaped bottles that will look gorgeous decorated to match your wedding theme. Our Gladstone mini bottles are one of our bestsellers and would work brilliantly with an infused gin, such as rhubarb gin, blackberry and apple gin, or even lavender gin.

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Jam jars in bulk

Jam jars in bulk 

various jars of fruit jam on wooden table

If you are a keen home preserves enthusiast, you will no doubt be familiar with the age-old issue of finding enough jars for your next preserving project. Whether your strawberries have all ripened on the same day and need to be picked immediately, your neighbour gives you a sack of apples out of the blue or you see a bargain bulk buy that you can’t resist, sooner or later you will find yourself in the predicament of not having enough suitable jars to complete a project.

Add to this the fact that you will need a constant supply of new jars if you like to give your jams, pickles and preserves as gifts to friends and family, as your jars will be given away and potentially never seen again. This is not to say that giving home preserves as a gift is not a fantastic idea, as it certainly is, but it does mean that you need to think ahead about how to source enough jars to satisfy all your preserving needs.

Bargain packs of jam jars

This is where we can help! We have carefully selected a range of our jars to offer in bulk packs at exceptional prices. Most of our bargain packs include a whopping 192 jars – enough to keep you busy for quite a while! If 192 glass jars sounds a lot, remember that a single preserving project, such as the annual strawberry jam making session, can use up at least a dozen jars. Add to this some jars for green tomato chutney, apple and blackberry jam, apple butter, marmalade and a few new preserves that take your fancy this season and suddenly a bulk pack sounds like a very sensible idea indeed.

If we have not yet convinced you about how much sense it makes to buy in bulk and you are still not sure whether you will use enough jars to make it worthwhile, why not ask around amongst your friends and neighbours to see whether anyone wants to join you and make a combined purchase? In this way, you both make great savings on the regular prices and get the quantity of glass jars you are happy with.

What jam jars are available in bulk?

We have included quite a varied range of glass jars in our bargain pack selection and there really is something for every project. From our 500ml deluxe jars down to mini jars for individual servings, you will find just the jar you need. The range also includes honey jars, chutney jars and shaped jars, so we really do have everything covered!

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Sweets in milk bottles

Sweets in milk bottles sweet jars

Our customers often find quirky and unusual ways to use our products, making fabulous gifts for their friends and family. Today, we take a look at a recipe idea for making your own sweets, which can be popped into glass milk bottles to make cute and appealing gifts for all ages.

Ideas for sweets in milk bottles 

The size of the milk bottle opening obviously determines how big the sweets can be; therefore, giant gobstoppers and big chunks of honeycomb crunch won’t work. Instead, think of smaller sweets that will fit in the bottle easily and look fabulous. Jelly beans are perfect for this idea, as they are so colourful and just the right size. Try this recipe for homemade jelly beans to see just how easy they are to make.


235ml water
450g sugar
8g gelatine
120ml orange juice
½ tsp salt
2 tbsp corn flour
Various food colourings


– Pour 175ml of the water, 275g of the sugar and the gelatin into a large saucepan and heat on a medium setting. Bring to the boil, making sure the gelatin does not clump together.

– Use a sugar thermometer to monitor the temperature of the mixture – when it reaches 230°, take the pan from the heat. It should take around 20-30 minutes to reach this temperature.

– Place the pan in a bowl of ice to prevent the temperature rising any higher. Stir in the juice and the salt.

– If you have jelly bean moulds, spray these with baking spray and fill with the mixture; if you do not have suitable moulds, simply use a baking tray and place ¼-teaspoon blobs evenly on the tray.

– Leave to harden for up to six hours. Once hardened, tip the beans onto baking parchment and dust with cornflour. Leave to dry for a further two hours.

– Mix the remaining water and sugar, then divide into separate jars for each colour of bean you would like to make. Add food colouring to each jar.

– Add a handful of beans to each jar, put on the lid, and swirl the mixture round to coat the beans. Keep swirling each jar for about 15 minutes to coat the beans thoroughly. Remove the beans and allow to dry overnight.

Our range of milk bottles 

Whilst we stock glass milk bottles in a range of sizes, from 250ml to one litre, the smallest sizes work best for confectionery gifts. Tip your homemade jelly beans into a bottle, pop on the lid and add a gift tag and ribbon for a super cute gift.

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Kilner jars explained

Kilner jars explained 

A close up selection of pickled and fermented vegetables in Kilner jars

If you asked someone to describe a traditional Kilner jar is, they would probably depict a swing top jar, with the lid fixed to the jar with a metal clip and a bright orange rubber ring forming a perfect seal to keep the contents of the jar impeccably preserved. Whilst Kilner does indeed make this type of jar, in all sorts of shapes and sizes, the original Kilner jar was quite different.

The history of Kilner jars

The Kilner company dates back to 1842, when it was founded by John Kilner in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. By 1866, with the ownership of the business passed down through the family, Kilner had built a second glass factory in Conisbrough, employing around 500 workers at this site. Towards the end of the 19th century, the firm patented a design for a glass jar with an innovative lid that formed a pressure seal to keep the jar’s contents free from contamination and properly preserved. The Kilner jar was born and the firm produces the same iconic design to this day.

Whilst the jars remain true to their original design heritage and the seal functions as it always did, there have been a few changes along the way. Today, the Kilner brand is no longer owned by the Kilner family; instead, it was purchased by the Rayware Group back in 2000. This change of ownership has not compromised the integrity of the brand in any way, with the new owners working hard to raise awareness of the brand among younger consumers with new and inspired product ranges.

It is worth pointing out that whilst Kilner can claim the be the grandfather of the pressure seal jar, there are now several other manufacturers making very similar jars, working on the same pressure seal principle. Leifheit and Familia Wiss make pressure seal jars and clip top jars; in addition, there are generic, unbranded alternatives for the budget-conscious shopper.

Kilner jars in all shapes and sizes

We stock a huge variety of screw top and clip top jars and bottles from Kilner. From the iconic 500ml jar, which is perfect for jams and preserves, to the larger jars that are brilliant for pickled eggs or preserved lemons, there is a Kilner jar to suit every preserving project.

We also stock a huge number of Kilner clip top jars, from tiny 125ml jars that are great for jellies and relishes through to the huge two-litre clip top jar that can handle even the biggest home preserving tasks.

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Miniature bottles

Miniature bottles

Back in the 1970s, ‘miniatures’ containing spirits were perhaps considered a little naff. For many people, they still conjure up memories of slightly eccentric aunts or uncles getting tipsy on them at Christmas; however, it is fair to say that miniature glass bottles are now back in fashion and making an appearance in some very unexpected locations. In today’s post, we look at how some people are using these bottles as wedding favours and others are getting creative with both the contents of the bottles and the outside decoration to make inspired and thoughtful gifts or ornaments and accessories for the home.

Miniature bottles for wedding favours

Glass bottle wedding favor christening on old wooden table

Miniatures are very much on trend as wedding favours. Forget about those 1970s miniatures filled with advocaat, sickly cherry brandy or Campari, as today’s wedding couples have gone upmarket with their miniature ideas. Think premium aged whisky from the finest distilleries, premium vodkas, and the very best aperitifs.

Creative couples are also personalising their miniatures by creating their own unique infused spirits to bottle in these miniature glass bottles. From rhubarb-infused gin or the old favourite sloe gin to raspberry vodka and pineapple-infused rum, couples are really getting imaginative when it comes to creating a personal touch for their big day. Topped with a handmade label or gift tag, and perhaps a ribbon or bow, these bottles look so sophisticated and stylish.

We stock a huge range of miniature glass bottles, from traditional whisky miniatures to mini wine bottles and fun miniatures, such as our 100ml Nocturne bottles and our 70ml swing stopper bottles. If you are thinking of using these bottles for your own wedding favours, check out our range today for some creative inspiration.

Miniature bottles for gifts and creative ideas

There are plenty of ways you can use these bottles for gifts or home accessories. Delicious homemade infused spirits work just as well as gifts for friends and family, of course, as they do as wedding favours. Try making a batch of different flavours and spirits and giving a mixed set of three or five as a gift. With Mother’s Day on the horizon, this could be just the thing for a more unusual gift.

If you like a few drops of essential oils in your bath, why not make up a few ‘potion jars’ using these bottles to have to hand when you want a relaxing soak? Alternatively, try your hand at decoupage and adorn the outsides of the bottles to make unusual ornaments.

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An in-depth look at oil bottles

An in-depth look at oil bottles 

Whole wheat pasta, vegetables, herbs and olive oil on wooden background

Whenever we dine out on holiday, or even in a fancy restaurant in this country, most of us are impressed at how the various oils, vinegars and dressings are served. Somehow, Mediterranean countries in particular know just how much an infused oil or a carefully-prepared salad dressing can add to a meal. Often presented in delightfully-shaped oil and vinegar bottles, these extras can make an ordinary meal something to remember. All too often, however, we return home and forget all about these mouth-watering oils and vinegars. In today’s post, we take a look at our range of oil and vinegar bottles and offer some suggestions for creating your own homemade condiments.

An eclectic range of oil bottles

Our range of oil and vinegar bottles is comprehensive, with bottles available in sizes from 100ml up to one litre. We have bottles with screw caps, cork stoppers and pouring spouts, and in clear glass and green glass. Our vintage style oil bottle is easily the most popular oil bottle we stock and comes with three different lid styles: twist cap, screw cap, or Bakelite screw cap.

Different sorts of cooking oil isolated on white background

Our glass oil fusion bottle is perfect for oils such as chilli oil, which is often served in Italian restaurants on authentically-cooked pizzas. If you make your own pizza bases and toppings for family pizza nights at home, why not go one step further and make your own chilli oil to drizzle over your creations?

What to put in your oil bottles

If you have never made an infused oil or vinegar before, don’t panic. It is easier than you might think; in fact, infused oils and vinegars are some of the simplest home preserving projects you could imagine. Start with a basic infused olive oil by adding a large sprig or two of rosemary to some good-quality extra virgin olive oil. Fill one of our bottles with the oil, then feed the rosemary into the bottle carefully and seal. Leave the bottle for a month or so before using to allow time for the rosemary flavour to infuse well.

Infused vinegar is just as easy to make and can add a real zing to fresh salads. Try a garlic and herb infused vinegar for a fresh and tasty dressing, or fennel and star anise for something a little more ambitious. Flavours such as these are guaranteed to taste sensational and to draw admiring comments from your dinner guests, who will assume you have been shopping in some high-end delicatessen. When you reveal you have made them yourself, your guests will be even more impressed!

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Kilner bottles

Kilner bottles kilner bottles

If you asked just about anyone what Kilner was famous for, they would say jam jars. They would be right with this answer, of course, with the iconic clip top and screw top preserving jars made by Kilner well known throughout the world. The company offers far more than these jars, however, and in today’s post we will be looking at Kilner’s range of glass bottles and at some foodie and craft ideas for how to use them.

Kilner bottles with clip tops 

Kilner’s range of clip top bottles are just the thing for old-fashioned homemade cordials and soft drinks. Their vintage shapes and nostalgic swing tops are just made for homemade lemonade or elderflower cordial. With elderflower season just around the corner, now is the time to stock up on these bottles if you fancy making some cordials this year, just like your grandmother used to make.

These clip top glass bottles come in a range of sizes, from 250ml right up to one litre. The smaller bottles are perfect for serving refreshing individual drinks on a picnic, or a day at the beach, whilst the one-litre bottles are great for bottling cordials and infusions. Whilst elderflower cordial might be the one everyone thinks of when it comes to making homemade drinks, there are plenty of other flavours to choose from; for example, why not try raspberry, rhubarb, rosehip or blackcurrant?

Kilner bottles with lids and corks

In addition to the familiar clip top bottles, Kilner produces a variety of other styles of bottle, each with its own unique identity but still true to the Kilner look and feel. From vintage-inspired milk bottles in one-pint and ‘infant school’ sizes to bottles perfect for salad dressings and oils, there is a bottle for every project.

The mini milk bottles are great for serving cream-based liqueurs at a party; in addition, they make great craft accessories. Try filling them with coloured sand or seashells for an instant ornament that will look cute and fresh on a bathroom shelf, for example.

If you are keen on home preserving but have already made enough jam and chutney to feed an army, why not have a go at making your own infused oils and salad dressings? You can create the same great taste and visual impact as those expensive shop-bought oils and dressings for a fraction of the cost and with all the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself using only the freshest ingredients. Try adding herbs from your garden to some good-quality olive oil; alternatively, for something a little more powerful, add chilli flakes.

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Gorgeous glass bottles to give as gifts

Gorgeous glass bottles to give as gifts 

Brandy in a beautiful bottle in front of modern background

Were you one of the many people who resolved to make more homemade gifts this year? Are you wondering how the end of February has arrived already and you still have not made a start on this resolution? Fear not, because today we are going to offer some inspiration for creative homemade gifts using some of our more unusual bottles. From gifts for food-lovers to pampering presents, we hope will be able to kick-start your resolution and help you to make some wonderful gifts.

Glass bottles for foodie gifts

The Triple Bottle is one of the most unusual items in our range – three bottles that stack cleverly on top of one another. This is perfect for gift making, as you can fill each bottle with something different – preferably in a different colour – to build a gift that looks stunning and offers three different foodie treats. Try one bottle with sloe gin, one with rhubarb gin and one with stinging nettle gin for something intriguing and delicious. This would give one ruby bottle, one deep green bottle and one dusty pink bottle – who wouldn’t be delighted to receive such a quirky gift?

A Nocturne or Howarth glass bottle would also make a fabulous gift filled with something tempting. Apple and cinnamon whisky is a delight, and so easy to make. Simply add two sliced apples, two sticks of cinnamon and a vanilla pod to 750ml whisky in a large bottle or jar. Turn it every day for a month or so and then decant into our decorative bottles. Add a label and gift tag and you have a fine-looking gift ready to present to friends or family.

Glass bottles for other gifts

If you want to give a gift that is not food or alcohol, our bottle range is still worth a good look, as we have a bottle to suit every purpose. The Sonata bottle is so elegant, with its flared base and narrow neck, looking for all the world like a dancing lady. Filled with simple homemade bath oils in a range of colours, three of these would look heavenly and very luxurious.

Filling a bottle with pretty items from the great outdoors can make a lovely indoor decoration. Try filling a Nocturne glass with tiny pebbles, seashells or dried petals for a pretty and effective ornament.

There are so many things you can do with a glass bottle to turn it into a smart and unusual gift. With a little imagination, your homemade gift-giving resolution will be in full swing before you know it!

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Sweets in glass jars

Sweets in glass jars 

A jar full of colorful candies are spilled out onto a white background. A shallow depth of field was used and there is room for copy space on the left side.

If you grew up in the 70s or earlier, you probably have incredibly fond memories of the local sweet shop with its seemingly endless array of jars to tempt you into spending your pocket money. Magically, there seemed to be a sweet shop next to every primary school and there would be a queue, or sometimes a scrum, in the shop each morning and again at home time. Whether you had a soft spot for cola cubes or midget gems, or sherbet dip dabs and flying saucers were more your thing, the sweet shop was a much-loved institution in every neighbourhood.

In today’s post, we take a look at our range of glass jars and offer some inspiration for recreating the old-fashioned sweet shop look in your own kitchen. We also give some suggestions for other uses for these jars.

Which glass jars to choose?

Candy jar full of colored candy

Whilst we do not recommend that you fill your kitchen shelves with as many jars of sweets as the sweetshop, one glass jar or two could certainly be squeezed in. The 4430ml slimline plastic PET jar is the type we all remember from our childhood, making it perfect for a touch of nostalgia. Provided you are disciplined, you might find that you can make some cost savings by buying sweets in bulk and storing them rather than buying lots of smaller individual packs. Just make sure you keep the jar on a high shelf, out of reach of little fingers!

Another popular choice is our spherical sweet jars, which are available in a range of sizes. This type of glass jar has two flat sections, meaning that it can be balanced on its side with the lid facing outwards for easy pickings! The internet can offer all sorts of tempting recipes for boiled sweets and homemade candy, so why not make your own and fill one of these jars with your unique brand of sweets?

More unusual glass jars for sweets

Sweets might be the logical choice for what to put in our sweet jars, but they are also handy for all sorts of other things. The 3,200ml spherical plastic jar makes a great biscuit barrel or cookie jar, for example, and looks fabulous on the kitchen counter filled with home-baked cookies and sweet treats. Our plastic PET jars all make great storage containers, as their clear sides mean you can always see exactly what is in them.

Whether you need to organise your pantry or your DIY workshop, these jars will have you decluttered and tidy in no time at all.

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Fabulous food jars

Fabulous food jars 

Salad with cabbage and beets. Home canning

We might be biased, but we think there is nothing more lovely than the sight of a well-stocked pantry with shelves stacked with homemade produce. From jams and marmalade to chutneys, pickles and preserves, seeing jars packed full of delicious goodness is both comforting and tantalising. If you fancy building up your own store of homemade preserves, you are in luck, as today we are discussing our deluxe glass food jars and how to use them to stock your larder with some key essentials from the preserving world.

Food jars in all sizes

Our straight-sided deluxe glass food jars come in a range of sizes, from the smallest at 110ml to the substantial 500ml jar, with several sizes in between. All jars in this range feature the same clean and simple design and all are available with a choice of lid colours. If you plan to build a larder or pantry, and you want the best visual effect, stick to the same type of jar and use different sizes to suit different contents.

Filling your food jars 

Preserved vegetables in the jars

If you want to achieve a well-stocked pantry, it is essential to build up a wide variety of core items that you know your family will love to eat. Whilst you might adore strawberry jam, making an enormous batch of 36 jars of the stuff for your own consumption is not necessarily the best idea; instead, plan to build up a range of jams and other spreads, perhaps making a few jars of strawberry, apple and blackberry, plum and apricot jam and supplementing these with lemon curd, marmalade, and some more unusual items such as hedgerow jelly and nettle jam.

Expand your larder, and your repertoire, with some savoury preserves. Again, too much green tomato chutney is unlikely to make you popular; instead, mix it up with other savoury preserves such as piccalilli, pesto, homemade ketchup, chilli jam, beetroot jam and lime pickle. Savoury preserves can add a whole new pizzazz to mealtimes, spicing up lunches such as ploughman’s and turning a simple ham sandwich into a foodie sensation.

With the veg growing season just around the corner, it makes sense to plan ahead – not only what to plant but also what you intend to do with all your homegrown food. Writing down a list of all the vegetables you and your family love is a good start, followed by a list of all your favourite jams, pickles and preserves. In this way, you can concentrate on the vegetables you know will be appreciated and you will have all the raw ingredients for that amazing larder full of produce.

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Baking Accessories

Ideas for Baking Accessories

various kitchen utensils on wooden table

various kitchen utensils on wooden table

 We recently wrote about how more and more people are taking up home baking, either as a hobby or as part of a wider effort to cut down on shop-bought, over-processed food and eat more mindfully. The success of TV programmes such as The Great British Bake Off and MasterChef have undoubtedly played a huge part in raising the profile of home cooking, spurring on a new generation of enthusiastic cooks. In a previous post, we walked through the most important piece of equipment – the mixing bowl. Today, we take a look at some other pieces of kit that will help you to become a master baker in your own kitchen.

 Top baking accessories

 One thing that new bakers often tend to fret about is pastry. We are happy enough making a Victoria sandwich or some cupcakes; however, when it comes to making a pie or tart, we come over all anxious – Mary Berry’s warnings of ‘soggy bottoms’ have obviously made a big impression! If you start with the right tin, you will minimise the chances of things going wrong.

 Tarts and quiches should be cooked in a non-stick tart tin with a loose bottom to help you get the pastry out without damage. To ensure the pastry base cooks evenly and stays flat, use ceramic baking beans during the initial stage of baking before you add your tart or quiche filling.

 If you are making a pie, there is always the chance of the pie crust lifting or ‘bubbling’. You can also end up with a soggy top, in addition to a soggy bottom, if steam cannot get out of your pie whilst cooking. A ceramic pie funnel is just the job here – placed in the middle of the pie, with the top poking through the crust, it will let all the steam out and leave you with perfectly crisp pastry.

 Fun baking accessories

 If part of the appeal of home baking is the chance to do something creative with your children, pastry cutters are essential. Children love making their own cookies and gingerbread families and they will be clamouring to help if you introduce some pastry cutter shapes – choose from alphabet letters, animals, gingerbread people, hearts, stars and more. For added entertainment with the children, use food colouring to make your cookies and biscuits bright and colourful.

 We have touched on just a few baking accessories in this article, but there are many more that can help you to achieve great results. Check out our full range today to see what might inspire your next creation.


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Mixing bowls for baking

Mixing bowls for baking 

Making a cake, top down view of mixing bowl, flour, eggs, sieve, cocoa powder, butter, sugar.

If you are thinking of taking up home baking, perhaps the most vital piece of equipment you will need is a good mixing bowl. Whilst you might be able to do without some other bits of kit, such as pastry cutters or baking beans, you will not get far without a mixing bowl. In today’s post, we check out our range of mixing bowls and look at the history of the grand-daddy of mixing bowl manufacturers, Mason Cash.

Mixing bowls from Mason Cash

Mason Cash started out way back in 1800, making kitchenwares from glazed earthenware. Variously known as cane ware, yellow ware or barge ware, these items were well known and much loved throughout the 19th century; however, it was not until Tom Cash acquired the company in 1901 that the company became known as Mason Cash and the iconic mixing bowl range was developed.

Mixing bowls in many sizes

The Mason Cash range includes bowls in a huge variety of sizes, from the smallest 12cm bowl right through to the huge 35cm bowl. The smaller sizes of bowl are perfect for storing ingredients prior to mixing; in addition, they are great for beating eggs. The 29cm bowl is a fantastic size for cake and pudding mixes, while the largest 35cm bowl is ideal if you want to make a large batch of dough for baking several loaves of bread. The bowls are made from chip-resistant earthenware, with the patterned exterior helping you to grip the bowl effectively.

Whilst the bowls we all recognise are the traditional brown-coloured ones, Mason Cash has also produced a range in other colours, including red, white, blue, apple green, pink and lemon. These make great gifts for a keen cook and really brighten up the kitchen.

More from Mason Cash

Whilst the firm has a long mixing bowl heritage, Mason Cash pie dishes are perhaps almost as well known and well loved; again, the range is huge and these iconic cane dishes come in oval, rectangular and round shapes and in a variety of sizes. This cane bakeware is known for its strength and durability and Mason Cash pie dishes will give years of service, as will any Mason Cash mixing bowl.

If you plan to get into home baking in a big way, we recommend exploring our mixing bowl and pie dish ranges to get you off to a cracking start. Whether it is sumptuous cakes or hearty savoury pies that take your fancy, setting yourself up with the right equipment will stand you in good stead for enjoying your new hobby.

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Plastic jars for fun

Plastic jars for fun

We might be best known for our huge range of glass jars in all shapes and sizes, but here at Wares of Knutsford, we also carry quite an array of plastic jars. Glass jars are what you need if you are making jams, pickles and preserves, of course, but sometimes a plastic jar is much more suitable. In today’s post, we cast our eyes across our plastic jar range and suggest some ideas for how these versatile and durable jars can be used.

Plastic jars in the playroom 

drawing pencils in glass jar on pastel background

If you have children, you will be familiar with the issue of constantly finding small toys or toy parts around the house. Whether it is Lego bricks, Nerf gun bullets, racing cars or farmyard animals, children have a habit of strewing their bits and bobs in every conceivable place. With a few of our larger plastic storage jars, it is easy to tidy up after them, perhaps with a jar allocated to each type of toy. Stacked on a shelf in the playroom or your children’s bedrooms, these jars will look good and work hard to help you keep the mayhem to a minimum.

In addition to toy storage, a tall plastic PET jar can work brilliantly as a container for pens, pencils and crayons. Children will soon get the hang of putting their colouring materials away after they have been drawing or working on a colouring book, and you will be instilling some good habits for keeping their belongings safe and tidy.

Plastic jars for adult hobbies 

Glass jar containing various colored thread on yellow background

It is not just children who tend to have bits and bobs lying around that could do with a tidy up. Any adult with a hobby will definitely find a few storage containers useful for getting organised. Whether you have a man cave or a she shed that you retreat to when you need some peace and quiet, some plastic storage will help you to keep this space neat and tidy and a relaxing place to be. Use plastic containers and jars to store everything from sewing or knitting materials to woodworking tools and craft equipment. Our slimline PET jars are tall enough to hold crochet hooks and knitting needles, while our 425ml clear plastic PET jars are great to fill with sewing needles, thread, buttons and small scissors to place around the house as emergency sewing kits.

If your child’s room, or your own craft room for that matter, looks like a missile has hit it, perhaps it is time to consider some storage jars!

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